No more bags under eyes
  • No more bags under eyes

Sublime No Bags Periorbital Cream


The cream No Bags Periorbital Cream reduces puffiness and also affects many other aspects of the eye contour.

The main active ingredient is phosphatidylcholine. The specifics of this fight: dark circles, puffiness, fine lines.

It stimulates the capillaries functions, cell regeneration and enhances the synthesis of natural collagen.


The cream Sublime Repair Forté™ No Bags Periorbital Cream is very smooth and creamy texture. Readily absorbed through the skin. The cream has a very distinctive smell directly related to phosphatidyle choline, the main active ingredient in the formula.

The cream Sublime Repair Forté™ No Bags Periorbital Cream effectively fights the aging process and fatigue around the eyes thanks to the richness and to the specific characteristics of many active components.

The cream helps dissolve substances constituting the bags under the eyes, dark circles and visibly thinning reduces fine lines.

It strongly stimulates the functioning of capillaries, accelerates cell regeneration and enhances collagen synthesis in these fragile areas.

From the first applications, the skin around the eye area is smoother, softer, firmer and looks more radiant and younger. Bags under the eyes begin to decline as early as the second week of daily application. After 2 months of treatment with No Bags Periorbital Cream, you get a 70% decrease bags under the eyes. The feeling of comfort is restored. The Cream No Bags Periorbital Cream is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.



  • Aging around the eyes
  • Fatigue around the eyes (eye bags, dark circles)
  • The proper functioning of the capillaries
  • flexibility
  • firmness
  • comfort

Bottle 15 ml (0.5 fl oz)

Direction of use:

Apply to the eye 4 (four) times a week minimum and only in the evening.